Welcome to Vacutec®, the Brand OEMs Choose Most!

The Vacutec® brand smoke machine was the original smoke machine introduced in the automotive market in 1994 and Vacutec® has since been a Diagnostic Smoke® vapor technology leader.  Vacutec® has been awarded approvals from such companies as BMW, Ford Motor Company,  Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota / Lexus, and others. In fact, Ford has mandated our equipment to every Ford dealer in North America.

Using patented technology, our OEM-approved systems can trace leaks in virtually any automotive system, including vacuum, exhaust, oil, turbo, wind, water and, most of all, fuel evaporative (EVAP) systems.

Diagnostic Smoke® vapor has been proven to be the simples way to find a variety of system leaks such as a vehicle's fuel evaporative system (EVAP), vacuum, exhaust leaks and in many other vehicle systems.  The added benefit of a technology containing the ability to use the special smoke-producing solution UltraTraceUV® is clear.  Simply follow the smoke leaking from an area of a leak and you will see the dye deposited at the exact location of the leak.  This patented method has been proven to be much more effective than equipment using smoke alone. 

This method is most effective when looking for leaks in areas that you need to gain access to, as on top of a fuel tank or internal parts of an engine when doing a valve job or when other disassembly is required.  In fact, virtually all automakers that have approved smoke technology have approved and use the technology containing this special dye.

UltraTraceUV® is the only solution containing dye that is approved by any automaker anywhere in the world and can only be used in equipment containing STAR Technology inside.  Using non-approved solutions can damage vehicle systems and void factory warranties. 

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