Comparison Chart

This is a comparison of the different Diagnostic Smoke® Vapor Machines available from your tool dealer and*

Vacutec® Diagnostic Smoke® Vapor Machines ComparisonWV604 EELD601WV605 2000E522B
Model Number > WV604 EELD601 WV605 625-WV608 EVAPro/2000E WV522B
2-Year Warranty (WV522B 2nd year offered for a fee).
Has Patented STAR Technology inside: the only OEM-Mandated Smoke Technology.
Patented UltraTraceUV® smoke solution deposits a fluorescent dye at exact leak location. It is the only OEM-Approved dye for EVAP systems.  Non-contaminating; safe to use and determined not to void vehicle factory warranty.
Includes additional Free UltraTraceUV® refill, good for hundreds of tests.  User refillable.
Operates with shop air for general purpose testing (e.g. vacuum, exhaust, wind & water leaks etc.), or inert gas for safer EVAP testing.
Electronic Safety Valve automatically shuts off air flow into vehicle's EVAP system when machine turns off, preventing gasoline fumes continually exiting the EVAP system and filling your work bay.
Auto-correct EVAP pressure setting; non-adjustable to avoid accidental over-pressure.
Approved for Flex-Fuel vehicle testing.
Super lightweight portable design.
Full range flow meter detects: gross (.080") small (.040") and very small (.020") leaks.  Capable of detecting leaks smaller than .010". 
Non-smoke 'Test' mode (in addition to smoke mode).   
Smoke Flow Volume Control.   
Full-feature design as chosen by most OEMs, including: precise Internal EVAP .020" & .040" calibration orifices to quantify the most accurate leak size measurements and is future-orifice upgradable.     
Built-in PSA nitrogen generator: connects to shop air and automatically produces high-purity Nitrogen.     
Vacuum-decay test to verify leaks when cannot be verified using pressure. Also performs pressure-decay.    
Electronic touch pad controls.      


* 625-WV608 only available from OEM supplier