Leak Testing

Smoke escaping from a leak.

UltraTraceUV® marks exact leak spot.

OEM EVAP-Approved Technology
We want you to know that all Vacutec® smoke machines we currently build and are listed on this website contain 'OEM EVAP-Approved Technology' inside; which means it is technology that is already tested and approved by the Automakers!

Be aware that the term "EVAP-approved" has been misused by one or more competitors and they would like you to believe that their products are also approved for EVAP testing -- when in fact they are NOT approved by any Automaker.   That's probably why they claim "EVAP-Approved" and not "OEM EVAP-Approved".  Non OEM-approved equipment may be unsafe and risks damaging vehicle systems and voiding vehicle warranties.

What's up with Baby Oil?
Be aware of companies that make the claim that 'baby oil' can be used as the smoke vapor solution for EVAP testing. No Automaker in the world approves introducing baby oil vapor into their vehicles, period! In fact, even baby oil manufacturers clearly state: "It [baby oil] is NOT intended to be used nor should it be used in or in conjunction with any mechanical or automotive component or equipment", period!

Test Safely - You Can't Afford Not To
We use STAR Technology, inside, which supports SAE International published papers' safer testing practices of using an inert gas such as nitrogen, as the carrier gas for the smoke vapor, when testing a vehicle's EVAP system.  In fact, virtually all automakers that have approved the use of smoke vapor technology recommend or require the use of nitrogen.  What used to be a trend toward nitrogen has become a standard! 

SAE International Published Papers and Nitrogen Requirement for Safer EVAP Testing
See SAE International Technical Papers on leak-testing hazards when using air instead of an inert gas to test a vehicle's fuel vapor system:
For Gasoline vehicles: http://www.sae.org/technical/papers/2007-01-1235
For Ethanol vehicles: http://www.sae.org/technical/papers/2008-01-0554


BAR-Certified LPFET Equipment and Nitrogen
With regard to BAR-certified LPFET equipment, BAR states;  "Due to equipment manufacturer requirements and safety concerns, only nitrogen can be used." To download BAR statement right-click here.  To see other important FAQs regarding the use of nitrogen right-click here.

You Don't Need Nitrogen with 'Their' Machines -- Fact or Fiction?
Be aware of companies that make the claim that nitrogen is not needed with their smoke machines, when testing an EVAP system. They are most likely saying that because their machines are not built with the licensed, patented technology to use nitrogen.  Sounds like a desperate attempt to put the best marketing 'spin' on a product that can't use nitrogen.  It's simple; ask those companies if they will tell you in writing if their machines can legally be used with nitrogen when testing the vehicle's EVAP system.  Their answer will speak for itself.

Using an inert gas such as nitrogen to test the EVAP system is the responsible thing to do. It prevents the introduction of oxygen from workshop air into the fuel tank, eliminating the possibility of creating a flammable fuel mixture inside the fuel tank.  It adds little cost, which is a small price to pay for safety.

MOTOR Articles About Smoke
To download two very informative EVAP articles by leading technical writers from MOTOR magazine: right-click and 'save as'

   Dan Marinucci-PDFDan Marinucci  (PDF 274 KB)               Bob Pattengale - PDFBob Pattengale  (PDF 276 KB)