Diagnostic Smoke® Vapor Machine
Has Built-In Nitrogen-Generator
Part No. WV522B
The Same Machine that is Available to Several OEMs


VACUTEC® was the original smoke machine on the market many years ago and was the first machine to be approved by any OEM.  Now once again VACUTEC® brings the latest OEM technology to the Aftermarket.  This is the same machine that was recently designed and built in collaboration with several OEMs and has now been made available to you.  Utilizing the latest patented technologies, this VACUTEC® is the most advanced Evaporative Emissions (EVAP) System Tester available today. It is the only smoke machine in the Aftermarket with a built-in nitrogen generator; always delivering the machine's Diagnostic Smoke® vapor using clean dry high purity nitrogen. 

This Tester is the only smoke machine in the aftermarket approved for EVAP leak-testing of Flex-Fuel vehicles.  Recent university studies show that Flex-Fuel vehicles need special care when technicians perform EVAP leak-tests, due to the highly oxygenated and volatile nature of alcohol fuel vapors.  Special care must be taken never to add compressed air, containing oxygen, into the EVAP system since that can easily render the vapor space in the fuel tank combustible. 

A design originally requested by several OEMs; this VACUTEC® insures the delivery of clean dry high purity nitrogen and prevents the hazard of adding air into the vehicle systems. Simply connect the VACUTEC® to compressed air (shop air) and the machine's PSA nitrogen generator automatically converts the air to high-purity nitrogen, never running out of nitrogen. The tester's special Diagnostic Smoke® vapor is always delivered to the vehicle in a clean and safe inert medium. Its high nitrogen purity is guaranteed due to its computer-controlled nitrogen-purity monitors.

An added plus is that the nitrogen the Tester produces is always 'clean' and 'dry'.  New vehicle designs are susceptible to unwanted contamination, such as is present in 'shop air'.  Automakers today do not recommend introducing shop air into any vehicle system including; EVAP, induction, or any vacuum system.

Built-in PSA nitrogen generator
Utilizes OEM-approved licensed technology from
  STAR EnviroTech, Inc
Full-featured design; the same technology chosen by
  many OEMs for EVAP testing
Patented UltraTraceUV® solution deposits a
  fluorescent dye at the exact location of the leaks and is
  the only dye approved by automakers (includes
  enough solution for about 1,000 tests)
Two-minute Pass / Fail feature verifies .040"
  or .020" leaks in OBD-II vehicles
Vacuum-decay test to verify leaks when cannot be
  found using pressure. Also performs
Designed not to contaminate vehicle systems
Will not void OEM factory warranty

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for Flex-Fuel Vehicles

Additional leaks found with WV522B

• All EVAP System Leaks (gas & Flex-Fuel vehicles)
• Vacuum Leaks
• Exhaust and EGR Leaks
• Under Dash Leaks
• Throttle Body Components
• Brake Booster Leaks
• Turbo and Supercharger

• Vacuum Subsystems
• Injector O-Ring Leaks
• Wind/Water Leaks
• Oil Leaks
• Air Injection Leaks
• MAP Sensor Leaks
• ...and many more


Height 39 in. (99.0 cm) Supply Pressure 13 in./H2O (0.032 bar)
Width 20 in. (50.8 cm) Operating Temp. Range 45ºF to 140ºF
Length 27 in. (68.6 cm) (7.2ºC to 60ºC)
Net Weight 100 lb. (45.4 kg) Smoke Supply Line 12 feet (3.66m)
Shipping Weight 105 lb. (47.6 kg) Power Supply Line 10 feet (3m)
Power Supply 120 volts AC 60 Hz Remote Starter Cable 10 feet (3m)
Power Consumption 6.5 amps.    

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Operator Manual (PDF 1.9 MB) | Hi-Res Photo (JPEG 1.7 MB)
WV522B Included Accessories
Product ID: WVA-01

Exhaust Cone Adapters (unit includes two)

Exhaust Cone 6" in length and tapered from 1" to 3 1/2", the Exhaust Cone is designed for use in diagnosing exhaust system leaks. Made from EPDM rubber with a neoprene inlet hose, the Exhaust Cone has a 3/8" smoke channel and will fit a wide variety of tailpipe diameters.


Product ID: WVA-02

Assorted Cap-plug Set

Cap Plug Kit Ranging in sizes from 1 3/4" to 4 1/2" and 1/8" to 3/16", these accessories are designed to seal a wide range of openings. Useful for inside and outside diameter openings, each cap plug is made from molded vinyl.

Product ID: HS400AC

400,000 CP Halogen Spot Lamp
(20' power leads & clips)

This heavy duty 400,000 candle power halogen spotlight makes the existing smoke even easier to see.


Product ID: WVA-06

EVAP Service Port Adapter Fitting
(Standard Size)

Evap Service Port Kit (OBD-II) Standard size adapter; connects to most factory-installed fittings for accessing OBD-II EVAP system.


Product ID: WVA-042

EVAP Service Port Adaptor Fitting (Small Size)

Fits some Ford products.


Product ID: WVA-049

Dual-Size Schrader Removal/Installation Tool

Removal and Installation tool for EVAP service ports.


Product ID: WVA-03

Smoke Diffuser (for finding wind/water leaks)

Smoke Diffuser Made of molded polyvinyl, the smoke diffuser is resistant to chemicals and abrasion. The Smoke Diffuser slows and concentrates the EVAPro smoke for use in diagnosing wind and water leaks in vehicle passenger compartments.


Product ID: P0716UV

UltraTraceUV®  Smoke Vapor Solution (16 oz)
(Unit arrives full plus one extra bottle is included)

This is a 16 oz. bottle of OEM-Approved UV smoke producing solution, good for about 500 tests.


Product ID: 16345

UV Light

Twelve LEDs produce hi-intensity true UV light. Includes battery charger and UV enhancing glasses.