OEM Diagnostic Smoke® Vapor Machines




Smart Pressure®


Diagnostic Smoke®
Adjustable High Pressure Smoke Machine

Especially Designed for All Boosted Systems


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(Part No. 218-WV711)
































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Built to Suit OEM-Specific Requirements


Smart PressureTechnology: automatically delivers densest smoke in all pressure settings; no need to fumble with analog pressure regulators


Adjustable: 69 mbar-3 bar / 1-43 PSI


Contaminant-Free UltraTraceUV® Dye Solution Marks The Leak Spot: you simply cannot find all high pressure leaks without it!


Selection Modes: digital display shows PSI/bar and flow in LPM


Quantifies Leaks: with pressure-decay & leak flow rate

Honeywell® Smart-Circuitry Technology: delivers most accurate measurements 


Flexible Gas Source: use with workshop air or any inert gas


Patented and Additional Patents Pending


Wireless Remote (included)




Best Value: more quality features for less money







* All machines below contain the Latest OEM EVAP-Mandated Leak Detection Technology.

* All current products meet safer EVAP testing requirements for SAE published technical papers recommendations (2008-01-0554 & 2007-01-1235)

* All models are Certified and UL/CSA where required.

*  All models are approved for E85 FlexFuel vehicle testing


These are the ONLY* smoke machines approved by these automakers!

Part No. 625-522B-BMW



Part No. 625-WV609





Part No. 8404C




Ford Motor Company
Part No. 218-522C
(Replaced 218-522B & 218-00015)




Ford Motor Company
Part No. 218-WV605FK

(Replaced #218-00035)

Ford Motor Company
Part No. 218-WV604FK

(Replaced #218-00036)





Jaguar / Land Rover
Part No. 522B-JLR

Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC
Part No. 625-522B




NISSAN Leaf Essential Tools Program
Part No. 625-WV608

Toyota and Lexus
Part No. ETI2000E



*Exceptions to this statement: Land Rover has also approved SPX/Kent-Moore #J-41413-200
Toyota & Lexus Canada have approved SPX/Service Solutions #J-47452