Product Use

What Can a Diagnostic Smoke® Machine Do For You?
Visually Detect:
EVAP Leaks This technology was specifically designed and is OEM approved for vehicles' EVAP systems.
Vacuum Leaks Hoses, lines, valves, diaphragms, choke pull-offs, heater controls, EGR hoses and controls.
Exhaust Leaks Manifold cracks, EGR valve feed tubes and passages, exhaust pipes, catalytic converters, mufflers, heat control valves and crossover passages.
Oil Leaks Pan gasket, valve and cam cover gaskets, hoses and seals, cam and crank shaft seals, oil cooler and lines.
Under Dash Leaks HVAC hoses and tubes, control solenoids and diaphragms.
Brake Booster
System Leaks
Hoses, check valves, diaphragm & chamber seals.
Turbo & Super 
Charger Leaks
Seals, hoses, ducting, intercooler, housing seal and flange connector.
Head Gasket Leaks To adjacent cylinder, to cooling system, to atmosphere, etc.
Wind & Water Leaks Around windshield, windows, doors and sunroof seals.
Component Testing Bench test water pumps and other components before installation.  Test again after installation but before coolant and oil is added to the engine.
Air Injection 
System Leaks
Control valves, diaphragms, solenoids, tubing, pump, vacuum controls and back pressure check valves.

All Models Are Easy To Use
1. Connect the Vacutec to power.
2. Connect either to nitrogen (when testing EVAP) or shop air (for non-EVAP testing).  Unless you use one of our units that contains a built-in nitrogen-generator.
3. Use the accessories supplied to access the vehicle's EVAP system.
4. Connect the Vacutec’s smoke supply line to the system being tested.
5. Turn tester ON and in less than two minutes verify if a leak is present.
6. Look for the smoke exiting the leaks or the ultraviolet-activated fluorescent dye deposited at the exact location of a leak.

The Vacutec® Diagnostic Smoke® Vapor Machines produce an OEM-approved vapor (smoke) from a specially formulated non-toxic, non-corrosive compound (UltraTraceUV®).  The introduction of this smoke into a closed system in a vehicle will almost immediately pin-point any and all leaks -- simply view the smoke exiting wherever there is a leak!  In addition, you will see the fluorescent dye deposited at the exact location of a leak. And it's all accomplished safely with the engine off!
The Vacutec’s smoke-solution will last hundreds of tests and is user-refillable.

See our videos for use demonstrations